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There are many different facets in civil law.  Law Offices of Sofian Solomon Dawood have experience from the filing of a complaint, proceeding with civil discovery and motion, mediation, arbitration, and trial.  We have successfully prosecuted and defended cases.   It is our goal to provide our clients with early case evaluations and to achieve resolutions of the matter whether it be settlement or proceeding to trial.  We will aggressively and diligently prosecute or defend your matter! 

Law Offices of Sofian Solomon Dawood pride ourselves in providing our clients updates and spending the time explaining the legal procedure and legalality behind their case.  Every client's case is unique and presents different challenges and we want to make sure we are with you throughout the process.



Expert Testimony


Our litigation practice is active in the trial of complex matters before the courts, as well as administrative agencies. Law Offices of Sofian Solomon Dawood represent clients as both plaintiffs and defendants courts, before federal, state and local administrative agencies, in arbitrations and other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and render advice on actual and potential claims.

Mediation / Arbitration


Expert Testimony


Mediation is a process used for resolving disputes and serves as a more affordable and appealing alternative to litigating your dispute in court. 

In mediation, both parties meet with a third-party neutral, called a mediator, who assists them in discussing and negotiating an agreement that satisfies both parties.  Mediation occurs in a private and confidential setting and gives the parties the ability to maintain control over the outcome. 

Business & Employment Mediation Services

The benefits of mediation as compared to litigation in resolving a business or employment dispute are numerous and include:

Saving time and money;

Allowing the parties to maintain control of the outcome;

Facilitating a prompt and early resolution;

Giving the parties an opportunity to be heard and to work through difficult and even emotional issues;

Producing a tailor-made and workable solution for both parties;

Preserving reputations and future working relationships; and

Providing a private and confidential forum.


In the cases where a settlement isn't reached, most disputes will proceed to arbitration. An arbitration clause is typically included in most business law contracts. Arbitration differs from mediation in that arbitration is legally binding and final. Arbitrators do not interview or work with the clients or attorneys; instead, they study the documents of a contract or dispute and then provide his opinion after he reviews both sides of the case. Similar to mediation, there are benefits to arbitration such as reduced legal fees and a quicker track to settlement.