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       • Green Card (Permanent Residency)

       • Naturalization and Citizenship

       • Religious Workers: R

       • Visitor Visas

       • Fiancι visas K

       • Student and Exchange Visas

       • Temporary Worker Visas

       • Employment Visas: EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4, EB5

       • Work Visas: H1B, H1C, H2B, H3

       • Asylum

       • Company Transfer Visas: L

       • Investor Visa: E1, E2

       • Hardship Waivers

       • International Adoption

Immigration Law:

Legal immigration to the United States can seem like an impossible dream to many people. Law Offices of Sofian Solomon Dawood want to help all who have this dream make it reality. We have a bilingual (Arabic and Spanish) staff dedicated to serving the needs of individuals and employers navigating the US immigration system.

Our immigration services handles a wide area of immigration related matters. Law Offices of Sofian Solomon Dawood specialize in Family Immigration Petitions, Employment Immigration Petitions, and Citizenship and Naturalization, but also skillfully handles other areas of immigration law such as:

       • Removals (Deportation)

       • Immigrant and Non-immigrant Visas

       • Appeals

       • 245i Applications

       • NACARA

       • VAWA

       • TPS (Temporary Protective Status)

Applying for immigration benefits is much more complicated than simply completing a form and paying a fee. Immigration applications require careful analysis to determine whether an individual is eligible to be granted immigration benefits. Factors considered may include how the immigrant entered the United States, who is petitioning for the immigrant, and whether the alien is inadmissible to the United States because of criminal convictions and/or health problems. Applying for immigration benefits without being eligible to receive those benefits can jeopardize an alien's presence in the country.

Law Offices of Sofian Solomon Dawood is dedicated to providing the very best representation possible to immigrants and their families. Our representation includes fully investigating all immigration options an individual may have before submitting any application to the government.

Law Offices of Sofian Solomon Dawood have a global reach in immigration law. Our law practice will assist with any United States immigration issues from anywhere in the world. If necessary, we can handle US immigration correspondence through phone, fax and email. Please contact us via email or call us for a free consultation.